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tell me how on earth it is possible for you to know you want a future with someone at a young age... is it possible or not?


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  • It's possible but very difficult as a girl will change a lot from the age of 18 to 21 more than likely. So you really got to know everything about her before you can decide, or you'll be in for a surprise. Find out about her family, about her spending habits, and if she works, and can keep a job, etc. Looks are not that important, but the girl has to at least turn the guy on in the beginning. If the relationship is only based off that, then it won't last. You also have to know how her attitude is, and how she is like when she gets mad. Is she verbally or physically abusive? How does she feel about kids, and does she want kids one day? Is she going to not work once the kids are born etc. Does she come from a poor family or a rich family. How does her family feel about you dating her? Is she going to put out enough for you? Just remember once you get married they feel like they don't have to try as hard anymore. I really recommend a prenup, so that you can tell her you love her, but you don't want her to change for the worse, or that you'll leave. And that way she won't feel like she has you forever, etc.

  • at my age more so then when I was 15 because I just know myself better. I am aware of what I like and don't like. that's about all.


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