Why would a 26 year old guy hang out with 16 year old girl?

First I want to say that I'm one of those girls who is very mysteries and closed up and very wise...but I just can't see why a 26 year old would want to hang out with me.. We both love photography art ... where artistic people , ...his actually a photographer ...He invades me to party's but doesn't let me drink or anything like that but lives me alone when we go somewhere... Takes photos because its his job ... drinks , flirts with girls , etc ... I don't know even how to feel about this ... he doesn't give me attention and when I go with him some where I feel alone because he goes like I'm not even with him...what is this , I'm I used , for what, why,...he knows I'm not going to give myself to his , why is he doing this

p.s.He doesn't do anything sexual or anything like that


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  • From what you posted, while you are a minor, he sounds responsible. My question is how did this start?

    Right now it kind makes me concerned as you are asking why he pays you so little attention. Not he is trying anything. do you see what I mean?

    If it starts getting sexual then I go from concerned to "Get the hell out of there girl. RIGHT NOW."

    Minor aside, 10 years is nothing if you were 25 and he was 35.

    I have dated women a lot younger than me, and as far as I'm concerned if there is enough common ground, who cares?

    Speaking for me, it's not about a body...it's about a mind.

    • We meet at this web site , its like Facebook but its russian called "vkontakte.ru" ,,I added him first to see his photography because I myself photographer too....... ..then he wrote me first and we started talking , after few chats he gave me his phone numer ,, but I never called and told him I don't trust strangers.......... but then he found my # on the web site and called me , and asked me if I want to meet, ...I said No , but after few talks we when to the beach with this friends and he seemed

    • He hasn't done anything YET. Girl....let me tell you something. If he has plans to, it isn't going to happen right away....but it will. If he is after that, he is going to let you relax, and start trusting him. Are you listening to me?? You shouldn't be there as far as I'm concerned....If you choose to stay be VERY careful. He might turn out to be a good guy.....but you can't know for sure.


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  • Why are you hanging out with a 26 year old to begin with? I'm not going to accuse him of anything, but a 26 year old who hangs out with a minor is not good news on paper. It's border-line desperate and perhaps a bit pedophile. I'm not saying there can't be a genuine friendship between an adult and a child, but he's inviting you to places alone.

  • "Invites" is the word.

    But who is this guy? Don't know how people can answer the question if they don't know that.

  • Because he's a pedophile.


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  • maybe he thinks of you as a little girl or is building your trust in him so that y ou will sleep with him