What to do? 1st date

Help what are the dos and don'ts 4 a 1st date on

activates, cloths, sex, and conversation.


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  • The golden rule is never sleep with a man on the first date. You may think it's a good idea if he is insistent but what he really wants to know is are you that kind of girl. If you do, he'll think you've done that with everyone you've met. The best date to go on is an informal one i.e. not at night so there is no reason to get drunk and lock lips. Go for a day out in London or something along those lines. Spend some time together where you can have a laugh while setting some time aside in the day to talk about what you both want. Good luck - it's an exciting time for you so enjoy it.

    • Thank you lol I'm in the us by the way lol but I like the idea

What Girls Said 1

  • The clothes depend on what your doing, but the most important thing is that you feel hot and comfortable in what your wearing. If you feel like you look good you'll have more confidence throughout the date. Conversation, well keep it light, nothing to serious, nothing about ex 's or anything bad going on in your life... and as for what to do the cinema is the worst first date ever, you could go for a meal, go for a few drinks, anything... but Don't have sex on the first date...