Am I just being weird?

I might just be over analyzing everything like I always do, but I dunno. I have a crush on my best girl friend, a big one that I've developed. Our in-person hang outs couldn't be better, it's all smiles and she hugs me whenever she has the chance. We've only hung out two or three times outside school though, and its hard to make plans with her lately, schools out so I don't get to hang with her in class, and my family vacation called me away for two weeks. got back a week ago, and she said she's been busy. I invited her to see fireworks with me on friday, and she texted me that she couldn't do anything that day. The next night we played online on PS3 together, and yesterday I sent her a Facebook message asking about hanging out Monday. today she said was pretty busy this week but would sneak PS3 in every once and awhile. I replied "That sucks, next week?". I've seen her online twice tonight and she hasn't replied. Am I just being paranoid and she hasn't responded for whatever normal reason or is she not responding because she doesn't want to hang out with me and is trying not to hurt my feelings? I just wish I knew for sure. Our plans have fallen through before but we usually agree on some later time to hang out.


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  • Don't text her or message her to hangout and let her come to you. You have done your part, now its her turn.


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  • It's hard to tell but since it's summer she maybe actually be busy. If you guys are good friends I'm sure you will find time to hang out. Don't fret so much over it.


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  • you're making yourself paranoid with the trying to find out why? what did I do wrong? what did I say? is she really busy? or any other questions like these, your best option right now is CHILL and don't txt her or msg her or anything just stop giving this girl so much attention because think about it... she already knows that you want to hang out with her and you're making that very obvious also if you have been doing this for a good while she knows you're giving her a sh*t load of attention , take that away do your own thing for a few days relax and let her txt you if she doesn't f*** it what else can you do? you can't force someone to do anything if she brings it up then go ahead and talk about it if not talk about something else YOU just don't bring it up though