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Ok so. I've been friends with this guy for about a year now. And about 2 weeks ago we saw a movie. But it didn't seem like when we usually hang out. He opened every door for me, and paid for everything. Then when he dropped me off at home, he walked me to my door. It just had a date-ish feel. He's super shy and so am I. and I don't know if he likes me. or if he knows I like him. What can I do to let him know I like him, or find out if he likes me? Are there any ways I can leave hints for him?


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  • The easiest way to leave hints is to keep contact with him. Laugh, smile, and try and be with him as much as you can. Set up more "hang out days" and spend more and more time together.

    It'll become very obvious if you try and get closer to him, as opposed to being shy and pushing him away.


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  • look you don't open up doors and walk them up to their front door ok? this is clear expression of affection I would say,its up to you to take it to the next level,ur the girl you must make the first kinky move lol


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  • Yeah, he made his move. What a gent! Now,if you are interested let him know. Keep hanging

    out but make comments like, thanks for movie, it was great!, or why, that's really nice(when he

    opens the car door). Invite him, when makes sense, for popcorn, tea, etc., or a nice game of

    cards. Anyway, to sum up, he likes you, if you like him the same, get his attention. Good Luck!

  • I'd say go with your gut feeling. If you think it was like a date, tell him that.

    One thing I've figured out is some guys just don't get hints, it's especially tricky with friends because there is always the possibility you are just being extra friendly.

    He paid for everything and even walked you to your door. That is definitely a good sign.

    If your up for it, I'd say you should make the next move. In a casual way, ask him on a date. Instead of asking him along to the movies saturday, ask him if he'd like to go on a date saturday.

    I had a similar situation with this guy I liked. We were both shy, but my friends talked me into asking him out, and he said yes! So I say, go for it!