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Talking vs. Dating?

So I saw a question on here about the difference between talking and dating. It made me wonder if it's okay to talk to other guys when you are... Show More

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  • Yes, you are certainly entitled to talk to anybody you want to if you are just "talking" - or "dating".. It's when you are in a relationship that things get sticky sometimes. Just enjoy your freedom! Even if you get into a relationship and you have guy "friends" -- you are still friends and should maintain that. If your new guy objects - there is something wrong with him. Just be honest - aboveboard - don't hide that you have male friends... You just can't date behind the guy's back. That is cheating. Good luck!

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  • It is definately cheating if you hook up with another person while dating. You are not officially boyfriend/girlfriend when you are in the talking stage.. it's just a way of testing the field and getting to know a little about each other and if you're likely to be a good couple. If you hooked up with someone other than the person you're "talking to" then that won't send a good message to your possible relationship partner and shows disinterest.

  • No, you are not considered boyfriend/girlfriend when you are just dating. You are really just getting to know each other, and it could go either way. You are not official until you have "the talk" I wouldn't say its cheating if you hook up with someone else, but its definitely not right. Just be safe, use protection. Have fun.

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