Does this mean I'm unappealing?

this girl I like would rather go out drinking and partying with a bunch of people than hang out with me. See, the thing is that I don't go out drinking and partying, but I do like to think that I'm a fun guy---I do other things that are fun. Now I'm thinking that maybe because I'm not out partying with her, that makes me unappealing. I've never questioned myself or my preferences this much ever before. Am I unappealing?


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  • its more appealing when you get entertain gal some where besides a club or party. if she can't appreciate the way you have fun...then forget her...partying is not one way to have fun and besides...shes not open minded then.

  • being the party type, she probably hits that scene a lot at night... maybe you could do something fun with her during the day.. go to a waterpark or sumthin lol. but you two seem to be different people. she seems to be a little more extroverted. it all just depends on if you're willing to accept eachothers differences and still find each other "appealing" as you say. but if she doesn't respect you or find you attractive because you're not a partier.. then she's not worth your time. you're better off hanging out with someone who shares the same values as you and respects you for you.


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