Is kissing on the first date okay?

Its been a while since I've dated and I'm going on a date with guy and I'm not sure if kissing on the first date is okay...I don't want to seem easy. and is making out okay too...will that give him the wrong impression? do I know if he's just in it to get some?


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  • If you're skeptical, do the hug and perhaps a kiss on the cheek or quick kiss on the corner of the mouth. If you're more comfortable, closed-mouth kiss if you are up for that/want to do that.

    You'll know if he's just in it to get some if he calls you back for a second date. And a third date. Etc.

    If he's just in it to get some, he probably won't call you after the "i'm-not-that-easy" goodnight kiss, and if he's sort of in it to just get some, he won't hold out for long.

    It's not wrong to kiss on the first date, especially since there are so many classy options instead of a full on make out come up for "coffee" extravaganza.

    Most of all, enjoy yourself!


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  • well if you want to kiss him do it because he is not going to trun you down...just don't get all over him

  • Well have you already kissed him before? If not I would say go for it but don't make out! Just a casual kiss would be alright.


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  • if you were friends before you decided to date, then kissing would be okay.

    If you barely know each other than you should probably give a long hug at the end.

    goodluck on your date.