Why isn't she replying to my text messages?

So I met this girl in college, we would always talk and crack jokes. I decided to ask this girl out and she said yes. Everything was going great, we have been out on three dates all of them have been great. It seemed like this girl was interested in me so I ended the third date with a kiss. We held hands,hugged and all of that good stuff. She has also mentioned to me before that she wanted to take thing slow, so I was like okay that's cool. She had told me that she was in a relationship in which the guy had ended it, and that it only lasted a week but that she did not considered it to be anything. After a day or two went by, I texted asking her when she wanted to hang out again, and she said she would let me know because she was going to be a her relatives place. So I waited a day or two, then I texted her with just a simple Hey!, but I did not get a reply. Again I waited two days, and sent her another text with hey how you been? and again no reply. So its been 2 days since I last texted her and I don't know what to do. I know for a fact that her phone is not broken or anything. Does she need some space? Should I text her again? Should I call her? Should I just forget about her? I really like this girl and I don't want to give up just yet if there is still potential for something happening. Help me out girls =)


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  • I would cool it for a little bit. Don't initiate any more texts or calls for a week or so. She slipped into conversation that she wanted to take things slow. In girl world this is a big hint. I can't tell you exactly what she's uncomfortable about or why, but she definitely feels like things are moving a little faster with you then she'd like. Her ignoring your texts is proof of that.

    It is fixable, you just need to give her some space. Best case scenario, you wait a while until she finally texts you. If and when you two finally reconnect, take things a little slower. You don't want her to feel caged in and smothered. Let everything happen slowly and be laid back about it.

    If she doesn't try to contact you again, or you contact her in a week or two and she doesn't respond, then it's time to move on. A woman won't play hard to get that badly when she's interested.


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  • Suggest a phone call. Ask if she is too busy to talk since she is with relatives. If she can talk, ask why you haven't heard from her.