Why has she not replied?

OK, I am a complete realist about these things. For some reason, this girl no longer appears to have any interest in me but it comes as a shock due to the fact we had a really good first date:

The date consisted of, drinks and watching Uruguay against Holland (she is Brazilian) at a quiet pub and then the second half was watching Shrek at the Cinema. Pub was fun, learned a lot about each other and the cinema did just involve a lot of flirting, kissing and groping for an hour and a half. We then kissed goodbye at the bus stop and she said I'll text you or you text me.

The end.

Now since then I sent her a text 24 hours after. No response. 48 hours after I called no answer or call back. Another text (Stupid I know)

Also I have her on fb but have had no contact.

What would you guys suggest I do next because I am just completely confused about the whole situation. Nothing from the date would have suggested lack of interest on her part but obviously that is how it currently appears to be. Should I just leave it now and move on?


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  • MEN - you are just as culpable of saying "i had a great time, I'll call you" then not doing anything as women are. Let's not be vindictive here.

    For you question asker, don't "drop her." But don't waste your time. What I'm saying here is don't forget she exists, in case she decides to call you (be wary of course if this happens) but don't wait by your phone. If she's interested she will let you know. If it's only been a couple of days (the usual time most people take to hit someone up for a second date).

    Go out, find another hot brazilian (they are gorgeous women) and watch this sh*t show that will be the world cup final (with Webb as the ref who sort of doesn't like spain too much in the past) and try things again with someone else.

    If someone likes you, they will let you know. If they do not, they will make that clear as well. Go out, have fun. Leave the phone in your pocket or wherever you keep it, but don't bother to check it constantly.


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  • HOw long ago was the date? If it was just a few days ago I'd back off just a little bit and let her call you now since you have made the first initiation after the date. You have shown your interest and like the others have said the ball is in her court. I don't agree that she isn't interested, though. She could just be playing hard to get or doesn't want to seem too eager to call you yet. give her some time/

  • Leave it for some time. Wait a response from her. If she don't text and don't call you back - move on.

    I don't beleive when people say "oh, I was so busy! sorry!" If the person is interested she(he) would find 30 secs to send you a short message. That's it.

  • ofcourse! maybe she just don't want to offend you that's whys she didn't show it to you during your date.if a girl really like you she will respond as fast as she could when you call her or text her.. you better find somebody else..=)

  • She's not interested... move on. You may not feel that anything went wrong during the date. However, how do you know she felt the same way as you did? she's either seeing someone else or just lost interest. Either way, it's better to move on. If she's interested, she knows how to reach you.

    • That is stupid....why would she have a good time and say get in touch if she wasnt interested

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    • My input... Ladies: if you're not interested, DON'T act like you are, just to "be nice" because its NOT nice at all... its not "polite" because you're ultimately leading a guy on into a state of confusion that he doesn't deserve. I mean, you "had a good time"... right? :/

    • So what if ladies have a good time? Guys act like they had a good time but don't call you back. It's the same concept. This is not about female vs. male. Even if she had a good time...do you know anything about her? Maybe she was on rebound? Maybe she's seeing someone else? Maybe she went home & thought about what she wants? ETC.

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  • I couldn't tell you what is going on, but I will say this: Don't get too caught up in guessing what happened, although it happens to everyone. If you showed her a good time, then you have nothing to worry about, she enjoyed the date and spending time with you. She probably remembers you well and thinks you're attractive and all that. Chances are she has some other reason.

    You've done enough already though. I wouldn't do anything more. Leave the ball sitting in her court. If she's received them and decided not to call back, I guess that's that (but I don't know how likely that is). If not, maybe she hasn't received them yet somehow, and you've just got to be patient.

    My advice, start moving on, maybe find a few other girls to go out with. When you have options, these things are much easier to deal with.

  • You seemed to have done nothing wrong.

    Stop trying to get in touch with her...if she is gonna try and play hard to get or stuck up girl or some other card like that then just leave it...

    Mayhaps she is really busy at work or got an emergancy somewhere who knows

    Can't tell you what's gonna happen but maybe give it some more time?

  • Drop her, the ball is in her court.

    If there was kissing and groping, you should have tried for the lay. Nevermind.