Will guys actually DATE when in college?

I've never had a boyfriend before and I am not a virgin. I actually want to be dating or in a relationship with a guy next time I have sex. The whole hookup culture thing, I have already experimented with and it's definitely not for me.

I'm attractive and athletic, catching attention isn't the issue.

Do good looking, smart, and nice guys actually exist in college, that actually want to date and not always hooking up?


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  • well I'm 22 and never had a girlfriend, always been single, it sucks how us guys always have to initiate everything

    • So how should I initiate something with a guy that's not only interested in hooking up, where would I find him?

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    • Yes, us guys love being asked out, well get to know him for a bit, ask him what does he like to do for fun, or just ask him out for coffee

    • Like before I met this guy at a club. He gave me his number and we texted a lot the whole next day. Then I asked him if he was available the next day, but he came up with the idea. Something like that? Or like should I like suggest the whole thing and not allow him to plan anything? Lol :)


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  • Sure, I dated someone for the first year and a half of my college education. It's just a matter of looking outside the parties and more towards where guys congregate. Unfortunately women outnumber men by about 20% on most college campuses, so it can be a bit hard to find the good ones :P.

    • Yes my university that I am leaving for is 60 % female. So where do guys congregate, the gym? I'd go there if there were guys or not. lol

    • Chuckling a bit here, only because I could never get my buddies to go to the gym with me :p. You'd have better luck putting an xbox somewhere in a dorm and just waiting for guys to come around :P. Last year we regularly had 10-15 people hang out and play Halo. Was actually really hard to fit so many people into the tiny ass dorm rooms =/.

    • Lol okay, so I should start playing halo and ask my bro for my xbox back. alrighty :)

  • They sure do.

    You have to go where they are.

    Library, Commons --- but you have to be careful there.

    Find someone in your major who has a 3.0+ GPA. It's unlikely that they are out partying.

    • Okay I'll do that. I guess people in my classes as well? I'm 18 but going to be a Junior, so yeah, I can't party too much.

  • First of all: how can you never have a boyfriend and not be a virgin?

    • Well, it wasn't an official relationship, but we did date. I wouldn't call him my boyfriend or ex. I guess I was weak because I had sex with him too early. Thinking that it would make him see that I wanted him too. Or whatever. He turned out to be a jerk and I only had sex with him once, it was too late before I saw the jerkiness. :( I had been swept off of my feet by the "perfect guy". also, I was 18 when I lost it. I also guess I wasn't too shy about my body as well.

  • They are out their just have to find them...

  • Not as much as street smart, playboys, and smarts men. These type of men do date. But guys who are going for engineering, medical, & planing for graduate schools often don't date. I am a graduate student, and I have yet to date. I am not even thinking about dating for soon because I have lots of things to do. About sexy or hook ups. I am 27years old virgin!. Don't laugh because it would be ethocentric to assume it as a wierd. Different cultures emphasize different things. My suggestion is abstain from having sexy before marriage.


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  • im 22 and couldn't find him.one of them that I loved a lot we were made for each other at first, he turned from a smart guy to a party freak too drinking clubbing player and such...

    its really rare