Online dating websites?

So I.met this guy on an online website...we talked for about a week an half before meeting up...when we met up we clicked so good and had such a great night...well we are still talking and hanging out after a month but he's always still on that I finally asked him if he's still meeting girls from the website and his reply was "not in person"...then later on that night I apologized Andre replied "whatever. I don't like it but you felt you needed to ask." What does that exactly mean and howdy I make it so its not weird between us now?


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  • well you sound like you want an exclusive relationship so I would ask.


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  • It means he is not interested in a monogamous relationship with you. He still wants to meet and date other women. If you can accept that and make it clear to him that you are OK with him doing that, I'd say it would make him happier. If you can't accept that, move on, as it seems like he's not gonna change