Best way to handle after dates from online?

So got a date this week, one from the internet. I have had quite a few before that although seemed to go very well on the night, I never heard back from the other guys. So if I do have a good time and would like to see him again, should I either tell him on the night, send a little text after our date or the next day, or wait for him to get in contact?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Last thing you want to do is wait, tell him, text him, wait 3 weeks (he could be busy) and call him or email him again.

    thats more than enough for him to get the message. at that point if he doesn't return your call, give up and move on


What Girls Said 1

  • If it were me, I would've texted the guys the next day just to say something like "I had a good time last night. We should do it again". So, after this next date, text him the next day, the evening after, and just tell him you had a good time (only if you mean it though) and see if he responds.