Should I just go for it?

I am with my first girlfriend (I am also her first boyfriend). We were going out for a few weeks, she broke up with me because of family stuff, then we got back together a week later. It has been a little over a month since we started going out. I really want to kiss her. Should I just go in and do so? I know she REALLY likes me, but she is shy and I don't want to make her uncomfortable because I really want to be with her (we have been friends for years). Should I try something smaller first, or just go in for it?


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  • Kiss her, whenever you feel the urge and she seems to be happy and relaxed. Just do it.

    Don't lose confidence and don't "push" through any negative force from her preventing the kiss (a mild initial reluctance you should not let vex you).

    Make sure though that the time is approriate. Sometimes its hard to judge and you can get it wrong but if she really likes you as you say, most times a kiss will always be welcomed.

    Lastly, only kiss her if you "Mean" it. I mean by that, don't just kiss her "because you want to kiss whatever girl is in front of you". Make all kisses meaningfull. Then you both won't end up regretting the kiss later in life.


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  • Well, don't just kiss her haha. Take her out and do something romantic. Make her melt and look for that special opening. Now when you see it, move in. But NEVER GO 100%. Get close enough and let her come to you. If she does... =D

  • whoa! go for it jesus :P you two are going out! kiss her already!