A kiss on my cheek got him a kiss on the neck.

I have known this guy for 8 mos. Meet a lot in a social setting. He always pays attention, stands next to me, and remembers everything I say. After a social meeting, he pulled me over into store to tell me my headlights were messed up. We stood there for over an hour talking and when we got ready to leave, he reached for hug and kissed me on the cheek. While embracing him I kissed him on the neck. This was the first time we spent time with each other alone. What was he trying to tell me.? Should I sit back and see what he does next or how should I take the next step?


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  • id say he really likes you but may be a little bit shy to go in for a normal kiss on the lips.

    most guys if *they* kiss you at all are quite interested in you. next thing id do since he may be a bit shy to kiss you on the lips is you kiss him on the lips maybe.

    i don't think it would scare him away because more than likely he'll except it and be glad.

    talk to him about your guys' status together.


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  • well it seems like there's something there between you guys.i think you should ask him about it.goodluck:)

  • Think you have already taken the next step. He put is toes in the water, by kissing you on the cheek. You responded by kissing him on the neck a definately positive reply. So looks likr it's his move now