Is it common for women to like hurting men?

I've met several who gloat about it and brag about it! Just recently.


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  • I think there are more and more such women everywhere. I step lightly around seeral women just where I work, they are like land mines. Emotionally AND physically!

    • Yea well behind every bitch there's a man who made her that way

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    • Ur right Kate!!!

    • Yeah "shes-a-lady", your answer really p*sses me off. I hope there aren't many women like you. Men are hurt all the time by women, you need to buck up.

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  • If they like it, how bad can it really be? The really bad stuff is when everyone feels helpless.

  • I think my last girlfriend was one of these women, and it is a terrible thing to do. A lot of guys take a long time to open up and when they do its a big deal. Please girls, don't screw us over and f*** us up! = (

  • I don't let it bother me. Ever heard a 35 year old drunk woman in a bar crying about "why can't I find a good guy?" Yeah... they make me smile because they wasted all their chances by being mean little ball busters. All you good girls who find yourselves good guys and treat them well are SMART.

  • Yes, there are quite a number on the site who admit this...ask advice onhw to do it!

    ANd I've met them in the work world...some who are really good at it!

  • i know I'm late t the party but in my experience yes it is, many seem to get some kind of mid evil thrill form it.

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  • no it's wrong. to hurt anyone is wrong for no reason is pretty pathetic. it's violence.

  • Get some new friends in your life, quick. A healthy woman (or healthy man) doesn't take joy out of others torment and misery. Sounds really immature to me. No, it's not common. In people worth your time, anyway.

  • Yes. Mostly because they have been hurt themselves. When a woman is hurt and is yearning it's only natural for her to find happiness in someone's misfortune, especially if they are the ones causing it.

  • Women brag about it cause to men we're weak fragile individuals. So when we hurt a guy or beat them it's enjoyable

    • I also find it enjoyable to phsyically beat on women. Its very euphoric. I love the experience of hurting women in this way. Can't wait till I get a wife down the road

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    • No that's just a stupid bitch that doesn't know how to fight back

    • Roflmao chief . win.

  • like someone already said - behind every bitch is a man who made her that way. maybe some really are cruel and hurt men for fun, but most women I know are just fed up with all the BS guys have put them through so now they're not as sensitive anymore and don't really care if they hurt guys in return, cause most guys have proven to us that they don't really have feelings anyway...

    • Damn, most guys? lol

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    • And since women choose the man they are with it would seem that their own bad choices in life lead them to being a bitch. SO my logic wins because I have flawless logic. flawless.

    • Sure, but behind most bastards is a woman that's been a bitch

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