Why pass up normal?

Why do girls usually go for the model front cover of a magazine type of guy? Normally these guys are devoting their life to working out and eating right.thats it. Let's say a normal good looking guy and a model were the two people that a girl could go out with, why would she usually 4/5 go for the model? lol when really if you think about it it just means she has to deal with the model being hit on all the time.

So really what I'm asking is why don't the really good looking girls go for the person that's not going to have skin cancer when they hit 30 because of too much time at the tanning salon?

By the way if you didn't pick this up I'm a normal guy lol. haha pictures on the profile


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  • I wouldn't say I go for "normal" guys, lol. Being as I'm not normal, so a little on the abnormal side works for me. But I would never pass up getting to know a "real" person in favour of dating a model. Real is so much better. Like you said, the models spend too much time in tanning beds and hair salons. He'd probably spend more time staring in a mirror than looking at me. And I'd much rather not be involved with someone who's too conceited to think about anyone but himself.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "Real is sexy".


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  • I actually don't go for the really good looking guys. I think they're nice to look at, but I'm usually more interested in other guys.

    I've realized that I like awkward boys. They may have some confidence issues, and they get embarrassed when they talk to girls they like, but I love that. I'm a shy person, so when I see a really confident, good looking guy, I know we're not on the same level. I'm not selling myself short, I just know my personality. Besides, you don't have to look like a model in order to be attractive. My friends always tell me that I have poor taste in guys, but that's because they just see an awkward guy--I can see past that.

  • I would say it's simply because they're shallow, but I wouldn't know what the really good-looking girls are thinking :x lol

    I guess it could be because, if you're choosing between those 2 guys and you don't know them, the attractive one would just tend to catch your eye and get you interested. That's really the only reason that makes sense to me :/

  • i was watching some comedian talk about this, and he said something like, "everybody is chasing after the same 6 people". it's true. everyone wants the person who is the most attractive and close to perfect.

    Guys do it too. If 2 girls are walking down the street, which one are you gonna look at, the "normal" girl or the really good looking one?


    • Being honest, the really good looking one but if I walk over there and talk to them then if the gorgeous one is stupid I would move over to the normal one that may or may not have a personality actually.

  • It's because of the media, they make it so that the girls fall for the guy in the magazine, I have a twin sister that's just like those girls. Fortunately, I'm not like that 'cause I know that I'm just wasting my time.

    • Yeah I think that's a majority of it but people don't realize that 90% of them abs are airbrushed on lol

    • Yeah, and it's really sad that girls waste there time with things like that!!!


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  • Guy, I think they do that for the same reason that us guys go all goo-goo gaa-gaa for a beautiful woman. Women are not much different then us when it comes to the opposite sex. but I will say that they are willing to overlook some of our flaws and settle for personality while we like to talk big about favoring personality over looks but we all know that 90% of us would not pass up the chance to date a model. A beautiful woman is our kryptonite.

    • Dont totally agree with you on that one. I don't like a model that can't tell the difference between a microwave and a stove.(yes I can cook and enjoy it lol) At the moment I like a girl that is beautiful in my eyes but in my friends, she is ok. then there's always the drop dead gorgeous girls that are around and face it. most of them relationships don't last long in high school because they are always being hit on and so forth. I would like to have to work to get somewhere with a girl I like.

    • It sounds to me as if you are disagree with me because you already decided that the beautiful women won't go out with you --- "I would like to have to work to get somewhere with a girl like that."... What if a beautiful woman walked across the street tomorrow straight towards you and stopped you dead in your tracks and said to you, "I saw you across the street and just had to get to know you better... Wanna go on a date?" Are you saying you'd still care if she knew how to operate a microwave?

    • I'm sorry but a relationship is not purely the attractions, it's everything about the person. If she came up to me and asked me like an intelligent person and then I would say yes, because she didn't sound like some bimbo. Obviously you have to be attracted to the person physically to even start a relationship, but I wouldn't date someone if they just plain seem like they are stupid. They would have too talk normal, not say like as 75% of the sentence. Physical+emotional=love,physical=nowhere