Need advice on online dating?

So my love life has been a bust in terms of meeting potential partners in my life. I wanted to turn to online dating and see if I could find success there. I did start an account on free website for dating, and did get a couple of responses. The problem is, is that I'm upset by talking to people through online interactions. Something for me doesn't feel right. I feel like I failed at dating and didn't achieve my dream at finding someone by chance in my day to day encounters. I'm 21 but I really have not had much experience with guys. I guess what I want to know is that do people initially feel apprehensive about online dating and do you get over it? My friend was trying to tell me that I was acting "desperate" for resorting to online dating.


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  • Online dating is great, if you take it on the slow bells. But remember that it can sometimes be frustrating. Imagine that you start exchanging emails with someone and then, all of a sudden, you’ll never hear from them again. And this is very common. It's a biggest con of online dating. You have to teach yourself to get over being ignored. I personally use for meeting new people, and it does work properly for me:)

  • online dating is great! definatley give it a shot.

  • No, online dating is definitley not desperate. I myself am considered a very good looking women with no real problems of getting a date but chose online dating as a means to connect with men that I might not have the oppotunity to meet otherwise.

    I have gorgeous male friends who choose online dating for similar reasons to mine so it just gets bad press but really its for anybody not just desperate people.

    The only thing about online dating for women is that in my experience and many women I've chatted to, you get a lot of sleezebags with online dating because some people just use it as a venue for casual sex and assume that htat is why everyone is using it.

    In addition to online dating and if you feel uncomfortable with it, join a dance class or volunteer I have met 4 great guys this way and have been going on dates after being single for 4 years.