Should I kiss my guy friend?

My good friend is going to Germany tomorrow! Last week he told me that he liked me and over the course of the week we have been spending a lot of time together and I realize that I like him bad he is leaving for a year TOMORROW. :( My question is should I kiss him? Because I really want to and I'm pretty sure he wants to too. I just don't want things to get awkward. But at the same time I'm almost dying to kiss him. <3


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  • Yes! Kiss him.

    Definitely. Who knows what happens in a year.

    You put your heart at risk of a heart break, but its better than the heartbreak of regret. :)


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  • YES you should... just hug him and look at him in the eyes for a long time. and just lean in a little.. he will do the rest... or just kiss him :) because he is leaving for a year you should do it :)

  • aww I think you should, I mean you both like each other and its gonna be a whole year before you see him again! I really think you should (: