My boyfriends and I have been dating for 5 months now and everything is great but I feel like I'm the one always texting him or asking him to hang out..just wondering if I don't text him for a while or see him for a couple days and wait for him to text me first do out think that's a bad idea...i guess putting some distance there and him maybe thinking I'm not always there texting him ...ugh I hope y'all understand what I'm saying, I can't quite get out the right words...does silence from me do anything?


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  • if you do the silent treatment, imply it to him...make him commit to contacting you again and that will be the cue


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  • I Have this same problem with my girlfriend it seems that I am the only one texting her and asking her to hang out. So I'm also trying the silent treatment on her just because I feel like I'm annoying her all the time with my texting. so I say try it cause I am and let me know how it goes.

    • Well my silence didn't last too long we got in a fight last night....however I didn't write him at all and he sent me a text this afternoon saying he was home early from work if I wanted message him I could, so things are alright now, but even thought we aren't fighting anymore I think I'm still going to try it....maybe ill come to his mind more often and make him wonder what I'm doing instead of vise versa

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