I don't want to say goodbye?

i found a message from my boyfriend on his phone saying that he's thinking of calling it quits with me...i don't know why exactly...we've been going out for over a year and I was just wondering if there was any way I could get him to stay with me?

the message was to someone else haha


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  • No why would you want to be with a person like him anyway?, when he doesn't feel the same about you. you have to move on, because if you ask him to stay it will make you seem weak or desprate. And he'll have all the power because he'll know you need him.


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  • Ok, you shouldn't have to prove anything to him to make him stay with you. So if he wants to go, than let him go. Don't beg him to stay or try to persuade him to stay; just let him go. you wouldn't want to be with a douchebag like that if he's breaking up with you over text. Just let him make his decision and find someone better :)

  • oh my bad I didn't really read it carefully enough I guess haha