Does a short call or even a simple text really mean that much, girls?

I mean a text that said simply " miss you " makes her cry and go on about how sweet / made her day. Granted I never call or text she knew that long before we got together. We have been together about ten months, we see each other almost everyday( I do work out of town about 3-4 days a month) Do simple calls or even a two word text really mean that much to most women?

Thank you all, I will make a conscious effort from now on.


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  • honestly it doesn't matter if its one word or 100 its just the fact that we know our guy is thinking about us that makes us happy. it doesn't need to be anything big. just keep it short and sweet like a simple goodmorning text and goodnight text. and if your feeling super nice maybe half way through the day ask her how her days going.


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  • They mean more than you may think. It's just a cute/sweet gesture to let your girl know that you're thinking about her and that you do miss her/want to see her, whatever the case may be. It makes us feel special :)

  • I really does.

  • oh my gosh it really does. makes our hearts SWELL. guys, pleeease let a girl know you care. we all don't need long paragraphs. a couple words or a sentence will give us butterflies.


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