Text Messages vs Calling

I used to only send text msgs, thinking text msgs hides away certain facial and tones expression. Shows one as stronger if you're weak. That's been very harmful to my relationship with my boyfriend. I'm trying to change it, however my boyfriend has sort of accepted me not using the phone anymore. No calls short or long conversations at all.

Do you prefer calling to text messaging?


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  • My girlfriend has the same issue. It does hurt our relationship. I try to call her but she says just text. Even when I do call, she hardly talks. Maybe it's just me. I prefer calling because it's more intimate. Texting is alright on occasions but I really wish we could talk more. So to answer your question, I prefer calling.

    • Yea. I would definately think so.. just that I'm facing the problem of transition. Calling him out of a sudden. Probably hard for the first time..

    • It will seem that way for a little while. Once you "break the ice" it will help your relationship a lot.


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  • if it to my friends then I prefer texting and if its with a guy I like then I prefer calling

  • I like both text messaging just to kinda chit chat through out the day and calling for when you really want to talk and have a deeper conversation.