Do you guys think that you're eventually going to marry the person you're dating?

A lot of old fashioned Bengalis stress that marriage is the "sole purpose" of a girl's life, then her career, blah blah blah. Thank GOODNESS my parents aren't like that, I'd have to shoot myself.

Anyway, do you guys think that the person you're seeing right now is the person you'll eventually marry? I can't even think about that stuff because it just feels weird to be thinking about marriage at such a young age. I'm having fun right now and commitment is the last thing I want, although one day it would definitely be nice to have a family.

So do you guys automatically think about "marrying" a girl/guy when you start dating them? This is how most people from my country are and it's SO ANNOYING. They even discourage dating but if one were to "date" then they'd have to think about marriage and crap like that too.


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  • Some people are still old fashion, a lot of girls still want their fairytale. I don't even want to think about marriage! I think it's stupid to think about it till you actually become who you are. The odds of you ending up with a high school sweet heart is rare. You haven't even met anyone yet. I've had someone argue that if you keep waiting for something better you won't end up with anyone. But I'm not saying you should wait till after college or whatever you do because you might find someone better it's because you don't know who you are! Like think about how you were in grade nine compared how you were in grade 12 or whatever you've completely changed and in college you learn who you are and what your becoming.

    • What do you mean that you learn who you are in college? What if someone didn't figure it out in college?

    • I just said college cause your finding out what your doing with your life. You don't figure out who you actually are till your in your 20s like older than 22, Ya it can take long for others, they just don't know who they are till they're older


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  • I've been with my Girlfriend for almost 2.5 years and I can't see myself with anyone else.

    So in a way, I can see myself marrying her.

    • Wow that's actually a pretty long time. In your case it's okay because you've been with her for so long, I was just wondering if people immediately think about marriage when they first start dating someone. I'd find that a bit weird.

    • Well if you think of it that way, then it could be weird.

      If people get together and say a month in they tell the other they want to marry them, I think they are trying to flatter the other and hopefully make their bond closer.

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  • I've been with the same boy since I was 14. Were engaged now, but even a long time ago I knew I couldn't see myself being with anyone else but him.

  • point of dating is to eventually get into a relationship and see where things lead up to. so yes I question if the person I am dating is someone I could see myself with in the long run.

    not thinking of marrage is fine, especially since your young. just make sure whomever your seeing is on the same page as you are.

  • No not really I think I'm to young to settle down. At my age I just wanna have a good time may be I'll get serious when I get a couple years older but just not know now .