At what point is it not considered a rebound?

How exactly can you tell if your ex is in a rebound relationship or an actual relationship? I know there isn't any formula but if you were in a relationship for over 8 months and you've only been broken up for 6 weeks is it a rebound? I also am wondering how soon I can think about dating again before our mutual friends or my ex would label me on the rebound? Thoughts?


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  • It all depends on how you feel about your ex. 8 months or 8 years doesn't matter if you don't have any feelings left for your ex. Make sure you're not trying to replace him with someone new and that you actually want someone for themselves and not just to fill a hole. Do that and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because only you know you.


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  • just date casually till you meet someone you really like, don't get serious don't make a label until it is someone who trumps your ex.


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