Should I hang out with her?

my ex randomly texted me just to say hey a while ago, then she liked my picture on facebook, and then she messaged me wanting to hang out, and now she said she'll help me with a summer class, if I come meet her tomorrow. I'm pretty sure its obvious she wants to get back together or something, should I go? I still find her attractive, but don't want to get hurt.


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  • I think it would be worth it at least to touch base and see what's going on with her. Especially if you have an inkling that you'd like to get back together.


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  • i think you should hang out with her and if she wants to get back together then first tell her the only way you will date her again is if she doesn't hurt you again


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  • She broke up with you I presume, based on how that last statement was worded.

    If you could fill that part in, that would help with answering your questions.

    • Yeah, we've gone back and forth a few times, dated for over a year, then off and on for like 2 years.

    • Well, only you can judge if this is a good situation to enter into.

      If you preceive you will be hurt, it's not worth it.