How should I start dating again?

I've been out of a relationship for over a year now and I want to start dating again. I just have lost a lot of my confidence from being single so long and not talking to girls. I'm 23 years old workout and take care of myself I think I'm self conscious on the way I look I feel I don't look good. so I'm just looking for any tips or anything that could be helpful in my search to date again. I live in southern California too.


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  • You're cute, but you should work on your self confidence before you just throw yourself out there.


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  • You got to have confidence when chasing after girls. That usually is what catches the girls attention in the first place. From then on, it should be pretty easy. If you were in a relationship before, it should be easy for you to talk to a girl and hang out with her (aka use past experience to help you do or say the right thing). The hardest part will be to take that first step. Always is, always will be. And don't worry about your looks; girls will like you more if you have a good personality and lots of confidence. Hope this helps