Should I get back with her?

okay here we go. so I was dating this girl for a couple of months and I moved to new york for school and I ended it although I still loved her, I just was really stressed out and ended up leaving that school. anyways she got back together with an old boyfriend and dated him for a couple of weeks. then I came back home and she left him and we started to date again ( I just found out about this a week ago though, she never told me about the rebound). anyways I transferred to a new school and she went out west for work. well I just found out that she started to talk to that same guy all of a sudden and he went out to visit her and they hooked up. this time we were still together and dating, and this happened about a week before I went out west to move her in with me. then we lived together and broke up again, and once again she went back to the same guy. I'm not saying I'm perfect and I have my issues from my experiences in war but why would she cheat on me? she told me that she has always loved me and always wanted to be with me but I pushed her away too many times. I understand the rebounds because we were broken up, but I can't handle the cheating. and then she told me that she didn't even like the sex and didn't even want to have it but she did it for him, because he wanted to have sex. I just don't understand this situation. and the only reason I found this out was because I told her I talked to this guy and he told me and she admitted it out of me being sly with her. I love this girl and wanted to marry her and now I'm working on my personal issues and I don't know if I should love her again. what does everybody think? thanks for any comments


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  • id say get rid of her.. you can do better. you can find some one who loves you and you only. not someone that will go out of their way and have sex even if they "didnt " want to. if someone didn't want to have sex, they wouldn't. she doesn't love you, she thinks she does, but she defintaly does not. someone who loves someone would not do that to them or put them through anything remotely close to that. id say move on you can do better!


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  • Well, if you have personal issues you need to deal with those first. You have to be happy with yourself and be somewhat of a straight arrow before you can engage into a serious relationship as such. Cheating should be the deal breaker, I mean everything can be worked upon, but cheating is just down right wrong. I don't know what's with people that cheat, I think they should burn, but hey, Karma comes in all forms. Good luck man. keep your head up