Guys, have you ever liked someone online?

I'm just really curious. Partly because I've only ever seen girls talking about how they fell for someone they met online, and I don't know if guys have gone through this too.

And partly because I'm in a situation where I really like a guy I met online, and I just want to see how possible it is that he really does like me too. (He's told me many times that he does, and we've been in contact for years.)


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  • Yes... and it can happen without realizing it, and the feelings can be very strong. Even in a situation where you know you'll never meet it can still happen that you care for each other, and make each other hapoy just through the written word, that it is easiest to describe with 4 letters.


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  • I haven't really had the opportunity to "date" or "fall in love" online, but I suppose if the time ever came where I did meet someone online I liked, well, then, I guess I would like her, wouldn't I?

    Maybe the romance part of it just takes too long for most guys. It is definitely hard to fall in love with someone who you hardly know and might be far away from. But, I think I could, and if you have, then that means it's possible for a man and woman to fall in love online! Though I'm quite sure I'm not the person you've fallen for, haha.

    • Haha

      yeah, I figured that taking too long and being far away would be a big problem for guys. I mean it's a problem for anyone, but still

      I'm glad it can be possible though :]

  • when I was younger I had several online crushes.i'm still in contact with many of the people I've known online, and have met one of them and had the opportunity to sleep with her, but turned it down.

    so yea, serious attachments can be made -though I think it depends on how open the person is to it, and of course it sucks when the person doesn't live close to you, which is most of the time.

    the only thing is, to know the person pretty darn well before meeting them, and if you are on the younger side of things, to follow basic precautions when meeting. when I met the girl I knew online, we had known each other for three years, I had seen many pictures of her and vice-versa and knew who she was. also, I was 22 at the time, and a guy, so I wasn't worried.

  • Oh yeah. Definitely. I've liked two girls that I met online. One girl I never actually met in person, the other one I don't remember too well.

    This reminds me of a story. One day I went over to a friend's house, a girl and her sister, and while they were busy and I was hanging out with their dad I caught a glimpse of their neighbor. Turns out, while I was walking into their house she saw me too. Long story short, after a lot of persuading on both her part and mine, apparently she liked what she saw too lol, I got her number and we started talking over the phone. Sadly the universe was against us and several plans we mad to meet in person were foiled. The friendship eventually died off, but we were talking about every day for several months before that happened.

    Happy online hunting ;)

  • I have

    there's some hot girls online

    some seem to have nice personalities and the like

    you should've made this a poll question

    • I thought about making a poll lol, I don't know why I didn't :s

      but anyway, I'm glad it's not impossible :]

  • course. chicks put so many cute pics. and everyone is nicer online. so its hard not to.


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