Should I call him or move on?

So I had a fight with the guy that I have been dating for about two months. We were both drunk but I was way more drunk than him, It wasn't nice, the incident hurt me pretty bad. I was very upset and texted him "Don't call me ever again" while I was still drunk. The next morning I regretted that OF COURSE! Freaking alcohol. So I texted him apologizing. He hasn't responded, I haven't heard from him ever since, that was 5 days ago. Am trying to give the situation time but I am not sure if I should contact him, wait for him to contact me or just let this go and move on, at the end I already apologize to him.

he hasn't called. Its over.


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  • Try calling him so you can meet up and talk, instead of over texts. If he doesn't answer, leave him a message letting him know how you feel. If that doesn't work, you can move on knowing you left him with a sincere apology.

    • Thanx! am gonna give it time and see what happens...


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  • As long as you apologized you hav done your part. I have been through the same situation except I was in all my right senses. If a guy doesn't text you bak after you apologized than it jus means that he wants you rite under his thumb. Even if it was your fault...giv it a few more days and if weeks pass you know you shuld move on...mayb a few days...u shuldnt beat yourself over a guy like that..thrs plenty more around who will actually see through your mistakes.

    • Thank you so much for your words

  • You apologived .. that's all you can do ! If you want to keep your diginity then keep your head high and say I apologived and I'm not going to stop my life for you to relize you lostt something great .. if you still have feelings later on and he makes it up to you then maybe think about if you want to go back out with him .. hope it helps [:

    • All of this comments have helped me alot! thank You~

  • I agree with the rest of the ladies- you have apoligized. Men can be real slow to put their pride and ego aside when someone has hurt them. Weeks, months, who knows. Its only been 5 days, let him do his brooding and don't call him for at least a month. That is if he doesn't call you first, which I'm sure he will. HE will come around eventually.

    • Thank you for this.. all of you really make me feel better. Am glad I asked for your opinion!! I won't call.