How do I know when it's time?

How do I know when to kiss her? I am afraid of doing so too soon and making it awkward given that this would be both of our first kiss.


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  • Just wait for a really good moment. You usually know when those occur, but those could include when you walk her home or right before she's about to leave after a date etc. Or when you guys are joking and giggling and flirting, and you can just go for it. Just move in really slowly. If she likes you, she won't deny the kiss!


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  • just don't strees out and don't think bout it too much... you both will know exactly wen to do it.. it just happens and you get that positive vibe from the person,

    don t worry and all the best...


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  • Ok, my best advice for this: don't think about it at all, and it will happen when the time feels right. I can't really describe how the feeling is, but when both of you are ready, you'll know. And if it's awkward, oh well. Most people's first kiss isn't the best in the world. I was lucky enough to not have that issue, haha. But there are two key things to remember. 1: Don't think about it. It will only make you nervous, which will make the kiss more awkward. Just go with the flow and don't think about what you're doing, lose yourself in the kiss so to speak. And 2: On a first kiss, NEVER use tongue, especially if it's your partner's first kiss as well. It will end badly, haha. But yeah, just don't overthink it, and wait for the moment to come, and you should be good to go :)