Are big people that bad?

one of my friends are 16 and she has never gone out with a boy she is fat and said to me that is the reason because no boys like big girls and I said no its not so what I want is for you boys to tell me if you don't mind big girls of if you would never go out with them? why or why not


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  • It depends. If we're talking heavier than me (I'm about 200 pounds), then she's probably past the threshold of potentially attractive. Even so, I visit the gym about 3 times a week, so I'm mostly muscle in that regard.

    Personally, I'm all about a pretty face on a girl, so body size isn't as much of a factor for me as it is for most guys. There are far more important factors in a girl than just her body shape, but attraction is still important.


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  • I would but girls are the same. They don't like big guys. I've never done anything with a girl. Just out of curiosity what's her height and weight anyway?

    • I don't really no but she is talll and she is a really nice girl she wouldn't hurt any one she not really that big but she's not skinny

    • She's probably not even fat then if you say that. If she's smaller than that then I'm doubting it.

  • i hate fat people. freaking fatties.


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