Got her number, now what?

so yea this girl was in my store last night and I was talking with her for about a half hour or so and I finally worked up the balls to ask for her number. I wasn't stumbling over my words or any thing I had confidence and just asked for it at the end, but how long should I wait before I text/call her and what would be better a text or call?


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  • you should wait at least 2 to 3 days later, so maybe she will begin to think why you haven't texted or callled her (:

    maybe she will show up to your store again to ask you !

    & don't text or call her 3493274707293759072345 times a day. sometimes let her do those things to you first.

    Hope this workss (:


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  • a text! wait like a week or so then text her, omg id love that , that would definitely draw a smile on my face, be like, I'm sitting out on my balcony listening to music and there's only three words that comes to my mind, how are u? lol or jst a simple hey how are u? or hey if you still remember I'm (name) from (...) jst wna check if your doing OK, then if she texts bk greatt, start texting bak and forth and then when uu guys are comfortable enuf call her! thatt would be finee.. gd luck


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  • 2 days is standard anything after that they prob forget who you are or just don't think your intersted.