What do I do when she lives far away and she is sad about something?

so I've been talking to this girl a lot over the summer and we've tried to hang out but she's always busy. well we finally get a chance and her grandfather is in the hospital dying now. and I can't get anything out of her she won't answer my calls and if she does answer my texts it will be a one word answer and she will say she's busy witch I can understand but its been about a week almost and I would like to do something to help but I don't know what?


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  • Leave her one last message that says you know she's going through a tough time and you're there if she needs to talk to about anything. This way things are in her hands, if she wants to talk she'll contact you and if she'd rather not talk then that's okay too.


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  • harsh truth, she's lying and doesn't want to meet you, move on

    • Ive already met her tho maybe I should have put that in I mean we had sex and almost got in a relationship then got out and then she started to like me again and says she misses me but then this happened..

    • Maybe give her some breathing room, let the calls and texts drop for a while