How long should I wait for him to call me?

The guy that I been dating for 3 months and me got into a fight about a week ago. I was drunk and angry and told him to never call me again. The next day I regreted what I said cause It was an impulse because I was upset. I texted him he didn't text back. I called him two days ago and he hasn't call back. Would he ever call again? Should I just forget about it? Or give him more time? I left him a really nice message and also texted him "if there was anything I could do to make it up to him" but everything has been in vain...

It hurts to say that he didn't accept my apologies. He never called. So am officially single again and sucks cause I really, really like this guy.


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  • drubk and angry? next time when you get drunk be happy. don't get drunk p*ssed at something, because its just a bad thing to mix with...hes should have replyed sooner or later, if he knoes better he know you where (DRUNK) he should know better,or get emotionaly effected by that. don't keep trying,wait for him. youve already explained your self with a msg,text and all. you only need to explain your self once and that's it. don't come off to desperate tho, be patient and focus on other things(and I know that's hard too)

    • The truth is earlier that day before I meet up with him something happened that made me very upset. When I got drunk everything came to my head and I was in a very depressed mood, like feeling like s%@#!! I want to thank you for your comment cause I think I already did my part. I don't know how much do I have to apologize after all, like you said he should have in consideration what we were drunk. I think his pride and his ego are the one ones that don't let him talk to me.


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  • This is going to be up to continue trying in an effort to get communication back, or for you to decide to end things.

    For plenty of men that do something similar, they have to keep trying to get the attention of the girl they offended, and it generally takes a lot of effort to reach a point where they can get the girl to talk with them just so they can get one apology out.

    For girls, this is no different when you offend us. Just like you expect us to show effort, we expect the same.

    Texting once and calling once is not going to do it.

  • At least you apologized, which is a very good thing. But there's not much you can do. The ball is in his court now. He could be getting his pay back by ignoring you just so you can feel his pain. And if he doesn't want to talk, then there's nothing you can do. Eventually he will talk to you...


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  • First of my love, thank you for posting this as I'm in exactly the same situation. I lost my rag with my boyfriend about a fortnight ago and things have been strained ever since. I realized my mistake and apologised. He did eventually text and ask how I was but is refusing to talk or answer his phone now. Sadly it feels like I've tried as hard as I can and there's only so far I can go, because he won't budge on this.

    I hope everything works out for you and I wish you lots of love and light xx

    • Thanx for your words! At least now I know am not alone on this one! lol.. Well I think you have a better chance than me at least he texted you to see how you were, mine is acting like he never existed in my life. I never felt such pain before in my life, my chest hurt.:o(

    • I know its horrible, you can't eat, you can't sleep, you just feel like you're in limbo the whole time. Keep going, be strong. Do try and keep busy, it'll stop your mind from picking on you. Plus you'll look more attractive to him if you act like you don't care. xx

  • I would try to talk to him about it in person

    • He doesn't wan to talk.

    • I would just give him some space, I would contact him one more time again & wait to see what he does. ( this is what I would do)

      But I agree you have done your part.