Obsessive to Bored in one week?

A guy I met a week ago, had been obsessively texting (it seemed like from when he woke up to when he fell asleep) from when we met. We went on a date three days after meeting. At the end he said he'd had a great time and would like to see me again.

Two days later he stopped putting x's at the ends of his texts, and two days after that he only sent three texts for the whole day (they also seemed half assed, as opposed to the longer ones he used to send).

Is it possible he suddenly changed his mind about me? He's not ignoring, just showing a lot less interest. :S


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  • this happened to me with my first "boyfriend"... we talked ont he phone from the time I got home from school until like five in the morning and then I called him when I was at school and we talked all during p.e... well after about two weeks I got bored with it because it was so repetitive...eventually I dreaded it when he called...we eventually broke up (but not for that reason, he disrespected me and my family)...anyway long story short he probably just got burned out...give him some time and you two will probabky start talking ona more normal basis again.

    • He's still initiating the conversations, just less small talk. I think you got it right. Thanks :)

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  • How would you respond to his text messaging? Where they one word answers? Did it take you forever to respond? I personally thinking texting is ridiculous, especially when it comes down to feelings.

    • I gave decent answers, and sometimes noted how long it took him to write back so I wouldn't seem over eager. Sometimes if I didn't write back within an hour, he'd text again.

  • yeah, I mean think about your own experience, I'm sure you have met guys who you thought were really cool at first but they might have done something and you changed your mind completely about them, same thing with guys too

  • yes he's not as interested anymore, meeting someone in person is different than just texting, you see them, physical attraction is important, as well as mental attraction

    • I did meet him in person, that's how I got his number. And we're still dating.

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