Dating for the socially awkward?

I am perfectly fine in most social situations, making new friends, talking to complete strangers, etc.. But, however, when comes to talking to a guy I like, I freeze. I can't think of anything intelligent to say. In most situations I just don't acknowledge their presence, this is stupid, I know. Any advice?


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  • Don't worry, this is a common behavior among MANY people. Shyness is sometimes just an innate quality among individuals, but you can tackle this by practicing talking to guys! Seriously, if you see a cute guy at school, work, even on public transportation, just strike up a conversation! It doesn't have to lead anywhere, and you don't have to expect anything besides gaining a bit more experience. Being socially awkward is all in the mind, and there's nothing you can't solve with some will power! Good luck!


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  • You could try online dating, you get to know the person before you ever have to see them. Although women on dating sites have to deal a lot of guys just looking for a FWB, I would assume they deal with players a bit in real life as well.


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