What do you think he really wants?

We have been dating since May. Yesterday I asked him what he expects from our relationship and what I am to him?

He said he likes to hang out with me and he doesn't like labels. I'm in my late 20s and so is he. I want a real relationship not just hanging out , having good times.

Should I drop him because I think I'm wasting my times?


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  • Talk to him about how you feel. If you love him and contemplating marriage, this is the best thing to do.


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  • I think you should move on...he wants booty and nothing else. He isn't ready for what you are ready for. It seems like most guys our age aren't, then guys our age want to pick on us for dating older men. If I were you I would just start doing my own thing...if he wants anything with you, he will come around, if not, then he'll probably find another booty call.