Reasons for not texting back?

If you were in the middle of a conversation with a girl through texting and suddenly the girl doesn't receive anymore messages. Why did you stop? Girls can answer too from their point of view :D


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  • what's with the playing hard to get part guys? or being turned off?


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  • It could be a lot of things like

    Phone died


    Eating diner with family ( I don't use my phone at dinner it's disrespectful in book.

    Taking a shower

    Taking a Nap?

    When I play xbox I text between games lol but that is like 10 mins.

    It could be what you said. Sometimes when a text catches me off guard and I don't know what to say. I don't reply for a while I think about it for a few hours then Ill text back later.

  • I do that a lot, because I get sick of using a messaging device for conversation, if she wants to talk she can call me. Texting is great for conveying quick vital pieces of info, like "I'm gonna be 10 minutes late" or "don't forget to bring the wine" but it is horribly inefficient for an actual conversation, a five minute phone conversation can take half an hour of texting.

    • Wow, one of the few men who admits he likes talking on the phone :oP I completely agree. Texting should be for short messages, just call someone up to have a conversation.

  • the most common are:

    - urgent task he's got to do

    - you turned him off/ insulted him with what you said

    - plays hard to get

    but if he really likes you, he'll come around.

    • How long does it take to reply her? or why won't some guys reply at all? till you meet again

    • .... lol.... it depends on the circumstances he's in. But if he's really interested he'll find a way to make it up to you. Otherwise he's just not that interested in you.

  • yea I agree it could be a lotta things...i try not to do it because I hate when people do it to me... I wouldn't worry about it too much though


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  • My ex was like that. And I'd ask him about it too. He'd just get caught up in something else. Even just watching TV sometimes. It was super annoying to be honest. But that's just how he was.