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My girlfriend wants to tie me up!

I don't know whether to say yes or no! What an odd thing for a girl to want to do. I thought it is us weird guys who like to do all that stuff. No... Show More

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  • Sounds like you've got a good relationship going there. If she's willing to make suggestions to you about her fantasies then there's a good chance things will remain lively between you two for quite a while. Who knows, maybe she'd be open to other "weird" ideas that you have fantasies about...

What Girls Said 2

  • Why can't girls wanna do that stuff?! Most girls are just shy but I bet a lot of them think about it! How long have you been together for? If you've been with her for a while its not weird at all. Let her do it! You guys will have a good old time LOL

  • Don't listen to those guys, she is probably desparate. Say no!

What Guys Said 2

  • My girlfriend has done that before. Do it! It's kinky but fun.

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