How should I text my crush? It's been a long time since I've contacted her. Give me some ideas GIRLS!

So I last texted her last year, so its been a long time. However I saw her a few days ago and we said hi and stuff. Should I call her or text her? I'm not good at calling though and it gets awkward.

Also when should I ask her out? The first text? or later? I'm really bad at this stuff, so can someone please tell me the best way she will think I'm interested but not desperate?

I was going to text something like this:

"Hey (name). Hows your week?"

should I change it? How can I add more stuff?


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  • hi..greetings to you I don't think so you need to be nervous about asking for a date you know what the more your clear with your ideas the more you will be free to be with her and you will get a good response from her rather you keep it to yourself unitll and unless you won't tell her about your idea what is it exactly how come she will know wht is it going in your mind belive me in relationships the more your straight the more you will have good response from just be dare enouf and let her know your idea and your thoughts what your thinking of so that you can manage yourself and you can be happy for wht your and you will be happy for what you have done at least your mind will be free from thougths which will make you think more and more and make your enegy lose.




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  • A text is better, I think phone calls are more personal. It's better to start of casual after such a long gap.

    Maybe something like 'hey, it's been a while, how have you been? :)' I'm thinking you should aknowledge that you haven't spoken recently, makes it seem a bit less random. If me or one of my friends got a text out of the blue from a guy, we'd be suspicious, and think it was a bit mental that he doesn't even seem to realize the huge gap in texting. Just my opinion.

  • the text sounds good, make sure she's still single before ask her out!


What Guys Said 1

  • Sure you can say "Hey, how's your week".. but other than that just stay chill. Act calm.