Could this guy be into me this much or is he just lonely?

So, I've meet this guy on a online dating site and have set up a coffee date to meet. The day before he called me and we talked on the phone for 1 hour. The coffee date during the day went really well and I felt a connection. 20 min after I left the date, he called and told me that he didn't want to play games and he really liked me (I thought that was very sweet). He told me on the phone that he wanted me to call him when I got home in the evening that night, but I made up an excuse why I couldn't because I just thought that would be a little much. The next morning, he texted me to say something cute and say good morning, that afternoon he called me to talk and during the conversation he mentioned going to diner that night, I couldn't then he told me to call him when I got home again, I did and we talked for another hour and half and we made a breakfast date for the next day.

So, my question is, he is acting like he could be very into me, is it possible after just meeting someone to be so into them? I guess I've never had a guy I just meet be moving so fast. It crossed my mind that he might be lonely and just wants a girlfriend and not necessarily into me? Do you think that this is moving too fast?


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  • Well maybe you can casually ask when was the last time he dated.. IF he just got out a relationship not that long ago -- then it clearly doesn't mean he's lonely...

    I mean he could be possibly interested in you- so thus he wants to hang out with you to get to know you more as a friend..

    ..I say just play it safe and treat those dates as just a casual Hangout and just go with the flow..-- until you see any more visible signs..

    i mean and also you can strictly ask him?-- If you are interested in a relationship and you know he wants a relationship-- then I say just ask...?.


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  • Can it be both? He sounds like he's somewhat desperate, but he also sounds like he's really into you. Do they have to be mutually exclusive?

    Or is the problem that something that intense isn't what you want?


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  • Clinger. He's being too available.