His definition of "hanging out?"

A guy I've been seeing for a few weeks just told me he wants to continue to see and "hang out" with me, but he thinks we shouldn't be having sex because when we did it made things accelerate faster than we had anticipated. So, what does this mean? He wants to get to know me better and let things progress on a slower pace? He said he doesn't want anything too serious right now, as do I because I just got out of another relationship. I'm confused - I haven't dated in ages and now I know why!


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  • I say yes to all of your questions. Hanging out means to get to know you better.


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  • When a man says that he dosnt want anything serious..LISTEN! He is telling the truth. Be glad that he's letting you know up front as some other men will not. Us women tend to get attached easily especially when sex is involved. Maybe he see' s something special in you and he dose not want to break your heart because he knows that he is not on the same level as you are. He says that he dosnt want anything serious so dnt go having sex with him thinking that its going to change things and make him chang his mind cause it WILL NOT. trust me I know. Men are simple creatures, us females make it mor difficult than what it really is. If he donst want anything serious and that's what YOU want...MOVE ON to someone who does..save yourself from the heart ache and confusion...So you two can "hang out" but dnt give up the YOU KNOW WHAT if he's not one the same page as you...why should you?