So I asked him out and this is what happened!

I asked out this guy that I liked for a while but he asked me if I really wanted to go out cause he said we need to get to know each other better and I get that but at first he said yeah then changed his mind. So what should I do cause he stopped texting me and I just need help please


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  • i think you're moving a bit too fast. the fact that he stopped texting you is a sign. I think you should give yourself some time and try again. but don't push him because this will push him away. so take your time, maybe a day or two, and ask to get a cup of coffee or something. something that is more casual - like a get together.

    • Well he was texting me last night and that's when I asked him but I asked in person so that's good. And I well but I feel like crap so yea


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  • The only thing there is to do is to move on. He wants to talk to you, he'll call or text you. But if not, then his not worth waitin for. I'm very positive there are other guys out there that would love to go out with you.

  • I am sorry to hear. Sounds like he isn't interested, so you should move on, there are other fish out there :)