What do girls think of a guy who is their age, but is short and looks younger?

I seem to get overlooked by the females that are my age. I'm 20 years old and I am not interested in girls younger than 18, but they are the only ones who show interest in me. I want to know what other girls think.


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  • Y'know I don't really mind the height thing. As long as you really like the guy I see no reason for it to be a big deal unless he's really ridiculously shorter and then it might be an issue. I mean, currently I'm dating a guy who's both shorter than me AND younger than me and I don't mind at all.


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  • I don't really like it when a guy is less tall than me, but almost everyone is taller as I'm only 5'5", so that's never been a problem. I wouldn't go for a guy who looked younger than me, either. Of course none of this matters if you really love a person, but I do think it's an obstacle.

  • Well,I'm 5'3 and like tall guys.

    But there are many girls who overlook height.


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