Why doesn't he ask me to hang out?

We had a great night, no sex or anything - I know he likes me and I made it clear that I like him but when we text he is boring and unresponsive and he never takes initiative. He doesn't ask me to hang out or even texts me first. Am I over thinking everything? Should I cool off? Or should I move on? And he is 22 and Mormon.. I don't know if that changes things.. I'm not Mormon.


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  • I don't know about the mormon thingy but I think you should cool off... Some people just don't know how to text & they sound pretty boring when they do so. Try to hangout in a really fun place with lots of potential. If he turns out to be actually boring then its your call.

    & by the way there is a possibility that he is not interested.


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  • why don't you initiate? geeze, tired of you girls making us do all the work, because even if you girls did the initiating, it won't be as hard for you


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