Texting After the First Date?

OK so I had a first date recently, everything was going pretty smooth. obviously there are a few nervous and awkward moments to a first date but overall pretty good. At the end of the date she asked how I thought things went, I said good and asked her. She said it was success, and maybe do it again sometime.Didn't get a kiss just a hug so I'm a little confused. I'm assuming she's interested for a second date then right? So I texted her later that night, she said she was sleeping we joked a little, but then she said she was gonna go back to sleep. and left as talk to you tomorrow? I said sure. Now today I figured Id wait for her to text today, but nothing...Im tempted to text her because I'm really interested, but don't to seem desperate.

Also I now texted her late tonight, which was a mistake because it was already 11:45 lol. I didn't get a text back...maybe she's sleeping? She wasn't on FB either.


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  • Your first date sounds like a success if you thought so. If even she said it was, take her word for it and take it as a sign that she is interested in you enough for suggesting a second date.

    Don't worry about not getting a kiss on the first date, that's silly. Often among girls, it is considered unclassy or not right to kiss on the first date. Count yourself lucky there was a hug.

    It was very nice of you to text back after the date. The fact that she responded displays her interest in you. If she said "Talk to you tomorrow" and you say "sure", then it's up to you to text her back.

    Why? This is going to sound silly and cliche but guys are often expected to initiate and make the first move. Some girls feel awkward or uninvited making the first moves on guys. This is silly because guys are just as shy as girls. But unfortunately, that's the way it is. Overall, my recommendation is to be confident and text her, screw appearance or coolness.

    I know because I can spend hours waiting by my cell phone waiting for my crush to text me. I wish he will but I know that he is shy and I am shy too. We are both afraid of how we look that we cannot enjoy each others company. How stupid is that?

    • Thanks for your answer...I have an update if you could help. I was thinking about it all day hoping she would text, didn't get one so I texted her late like 11:45 late lol. Didn't get a text back, she might be sleeping possibly? She wasn't on facebook either for the night. Should I wait for a text tomorrow, or text again just earlier?

    • You shouldn't have done text that late at 11:45. She probably is sleeping or very tired. If I were you, I'd wait until tomorrow at noon. Be patient. If she hasn't replied back by then, be like, "Hey sleepyhead. Miss you." and act like the late night text never happened. That's the best thing I can say to you.

    • Haha alright thanks, I'm an idiot for texting that late.

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  • Sorry! at least you sound positive about it! things will work out

  • She's into you probably wasn't even sleeping! she's just being cautious, you should to. Goodluck!

  • wow sorry to hear that. good luck with everything.

  • She was either sleeping , or wants you to assume she was. But believe me she was happy to see you text her. She should text you back to day. If she doesn't try to text her at a reasonable time and say " hey...Did you get my text last night". If she says yes tell her ,"sorry it was so late, I had a long day at work".

  • She likes you she is just not the kind of girl to kiss on the first date. And when she said talk to you tomorrow? She men,t" your gonna call or text me tomorow right?"

  • It sounds like she's down for a second date. But make sure you don't constantly nag her about it. Maybe she's just been really busy, or lost her phone or something? Give her one or two days or something like that.

  • She doesn't want to show you that she is desperate. I bet she's feeling just like you. She didn't give you a kiss to leave you to want more. So I say call or sms her :)


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