On my hands and knees?

i am dating a guy who is twenty like me. he is never serious. never talks to me. but he wants me to tell him stuff like how I feel. I don't know what to do. I need help getting him to fall for me like he used to. what is something I can do to make him smile. I have done lots but someone help me!


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  • Why do you have to do all the work, find someone that will at least make an effort. It sounds like he wants things from you but he's not giving anything, not the kind of answer you were looking for sorry .


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  • This is sexual entertainment for him and given the right circumstances, he'll make a move into your pants once you say all the green light "tells"
    His manner is one of either disinterest or defense against his own emotions
    therefore, the typical guy's interest is temporarily peaked with sex
    so as your title suggests... naked
    or get him into a hot tub

  • Try finding an older guy, or if he's in the navy try dating a non-sailor (LOL the young ones our age just aren't ready for anything.. well out in virginia that is lol). It should be 50/50 when it comes to making people happy, doing things, etc. Like he does something to make you smile, you do, etc.. if you have to do all the work, then it's not really gonna work out.