How do I concentrate on my studies?

I've not had girlfriend since I was born, but with the society that's surrounding me, am finding the urge to get one, am becoming desperate to also get one into my life, and experience what everyone is experiencing. How can I over come this being desperate and urge to get a girlfriend and instead concentrate on my studies? How can I go back to being the old me? a guy who used not to mind whether he had a girlfriend or not? how do I concentrate when all I hear is the contrary of what I think and believe? Please help me out.


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  • This one dude really p*ssed me off on Plentyoffish on a forum, seriously I f***in’ hate him with a huge passion for what he said to me.

    I asked this one dude as to why us guys have to do all or most of the work in order to get a girl, I asked him if it is because we are the more dominant and stronger sex, and here is what he said: “F*cking grow a pair. Seriously, man up. You need to have a spine, NO ONE respects a door mat, and you’ll NEVER get a relationship without respect. Realize that YOU are in control of your own destiny and women don’t OWE you sh*t, not a relationship, a bj, love, respect, sympathy, NONE of it.

    You gotta EARN it. EARN it by realising that you don’t NEED to have a chick to validate your existance, realize that people try to help you all the time, but your LAZY ass ALWAYS blames society instead of taking initiative and making yourself more attractive the opposite sex. ADAPT! Don’t cry about women not wanting you, find out what they want and use that to make yourself more attractive. Oh and be a Man.


    sorry for my psychotic attitude, it’s just I really hate it and it get’s really annoying when people say those sexist phrases or quotes such as “man up, grow a pair”. Because even if you are a man and you have balls, you are still going to get rejected. Yes that’s life, but for a lot of us guys, it’s not because we are scared of approaching girls or asking them out, IT’S JUST THAT WE DON’T KNOW HOW!

    Because in Life, knowing how to do something is half the battle, the other half is getting out there and doing it, but of course it is easier said than done. I f***in’ hate the status quo in our society that us guys have to initiate everything with girls, sure that’s the way it is, I can accept the way things are, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Some people say that, like other guys say it’s a good thing that us guys are the ones to make the first move and ask the girl out, overall, initiate everything, that we get to be in the driver’s seat, be in control. Well I don’t give a f*** about that, as long as I’m happy with someone.

    SERIOUSLY, I F***IN’ HATE WHEN PEOPLE AND SOCIETY SAY TO US GUYS “MAN UP, GROW A PAIR, etc.” Sexist phrases like that, seriously I feel like f***in’ punching somebody in the face if they say that to me, I may not be man enough to get a girlfriend and approach them, start talking to them first, but I am man enough to stand up and fight for my respect, like I may not have game or success with the ladies, but I have respect for myself. So I’m not afraid to f***in’ punch or beat up some other dude who is talking crap about me. Also, for anyone who is saying that I am having a bitchy or whiny attitude, why don’t you come near my face and try to close my mouth yourself? Not to you, but to any cocky asshole douchbag. Man I f***in' hate that guy


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  • Well you have to figure out first, what made you change your mind, the thing that pushed to think abour girlfriends matter instead of your studies. I know people and society make it harder and put a lot of pressure. the most important thing to know is thay you can make your own choices: you don't want a girlfirend right now, then just forget about it. You probably got your reasons so just shut off the voices who can tell you the opposite.

  • I think you should give in to your urge to date. If you suffocate it, you'll go girl crazy over time from sexual frustration.


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  • Put those urges and set them aside. You have to realize that your career is very important. It's the foundation of your success in your life. There will be time for girls. You've just hit a time where you realize you are lonely. Concentrate on your tasks, and stop listening to those people who are trying to convince you the contrary to what you believe.

    • Yeah but it's better to do it when you are young, dating and relationships in your 30's and beyond won't be the same as in your teens and 20's, it's better to do it in the prime of your life

    • Thrities is still a part of a guy's prime. Furthermore, if he's successful in his career, AKA makes bank, and is a good guy, who isn't going to want him?

  • I feel you because I'm 22 and never had a girlfriend, always been single, and what sucks and what is more unfair, a girl can concentrade on her studies and still get a boyfriend because girls can be passive about it, girls don't have to initiate anything, obviously since us guys have to do all of the work in order to get the girl, we always have to be the ones to make the first move and ask the girl out, initiate the relationship, but if us guys are just focused on our studies, that means we won't really get a girl since a girl will never ask a guy out or make the first move, “”Initiating gives you power, rather than feeling resentful for having to do all the work in order to get a woman into a bed or make her your girlfriend, an effective seducer knows that initiating gives him the opportunity to make dating work for him. If you are the initiator, you get to talk to her when you want to, set up dates for times that are convenient for you, approach any woman you want, and eventually sleep with any woman you are attracted to. Your not powerless, in fact, you have total societal approval to make it work for you, from this stand point, initiating is pretty great for men”

    “You can look at it this way: If dating is naturally unfair, and if you have to do all of the initiating, that means you get to make it work the way you want it! You can pursue women when you want, and not pursue them when you don’t. You can set up dates for times that work for you, and go for that first kiss when you feel like it. Having to do all of the initiating puts you in the drivers seat. Use it as an opportunity to make your relationships the way you want them to be and stop complaining”

    I still think women have it a lot easier because they always get the final say. I disagree with that bullsh*t that Ron Louis and David Copeland say.

  • hey bro,what you want is not a Girlfriend it is sex and sex is like hungry,there are two ways to stop hunger.u can meditate if required else you supposed to eat...

    then you can concentate on your s...