Why hasn't the guy I'm talking to texted me today after we texted all day yesterday and the day after we met?

Me and this guy met at a night club two days ago on my birthday and we really hit it off. he called me gorgeous and we danced the whole night together. then he texted me right after we left the club and we even talked almost all day yesterday. he said he would visit me at the college I'm going to. but then he said he was at work and that he would text me at 8 when he got done. he texted me at 8:20 I answered then he answered my text back and when I responded to his text he never answered me and he still hasn't texted me today at all yet. is he ever gonna text me again? what should I do?


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  • It's simple, He just wants to know how much he made you crazy towards him...he is taking your exam or you can say that he is testing, if the stone he threw hit the fruit on the tree or it just passed away. You must keep patience, I'm sure he gonna call you...after all he is a boy ...have fun mate :D and please do reply me if my prediction went right or wrong :D


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  • Still too early to say. its just the next day but I understand how you are feeling. Guys are really slow sometimes with texting but also know this, somethin could have happened or masybe he lost his phone or just hasn't gotten back to you yet. Give it tomorrow and if you still haven't heard from him, then he was just not that into you. No matter how busy a guy is, he can make time if he really wanted too and to go 2 or more days without respondin says he didn't even try and may even come back sayin he was busy well he could have sent a text/quick call don't take but seconds. if he can take time to go to the bathroom, than he can take time to say somethin in at least 2 days. So just be a little more patient, ok? I know it sucks waiting but waiting pays off. Remember that.